This page includes a robust list of surveys that collect sexual orientation and gender identity data as well as information about the measures used by those surveys. This list reflects the measures that were evaluated in the 2022 NASEM report (Appendix A, page 173-178). This page also includes specific examples of questions and response options, and evaluations of their strengths and weakness from the 2022 NASEM report that appear in the Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 Annexes for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, respectively. They are presented here as a curated and robust review of major surveys and data collections that have used these sexual orientation and gender identity question with success. It’s important to note that existing surveys may add SOGI measures on an ongoing basis and there will be continued ongoing research to help improve measures, response rates, and improve understanding for these demographic questions due to the fluidity and evolving nature of sexual and gender minority terminology.

Sexual Orientation

Gender Identity

Nonbinary Sex

*The data sources and tables above are from Measuring Sex, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation (2022).

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