October Meeting Videocast and Presentation

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In the Science of Science Management October meeting, DPCPSI [formerly known as the Office of Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Initiatives (OPASI)] brought together multi-disciplinary invited participants with NIH staff to create cross talk and foster the development of a field of inquiry. Highlights are available of the public Plenary Sessions, as well as summaries of the closed session Breakout Group activities. The links below provide access directly to the videocast and a link to the slides, if available.


Thursday, October 2, 2008         Full Day Videocast

Presentation – Priority Questions for Breakout Discussion Group (Four 5 minute presentations with 5 minute discussions)
Themes: Current State of Knowledge Assessment – Dr. David Wilson, George Mason Univ                 
Knowledge Generation/Advancement – Dr. Susan Cozzens,Georgia Inst of Technology                 
Knowledge Utilization/Dissemination/Diffusion – Dr. Lynn Zucker, UCLA                
Public Health Impact – Dr. Doris Rubio, Univ of Pittsburgh


Friday, October 3rd  Full Day Videocast


Invited Expert Presentations (Four 5-7 minute presentations with 30-minute discussions)

  • Evaluation/Assessment Topics (4 presentations and discussion)
    • Dr. William Trochim, Cornell University, Science of Science Management: Systems Evaluation & Assessment
    • Dr. Scott Stern, Northwestern University, The Citation Revolution Meets the Identification Revolution: Opportunities for Science Policy Evaluation and Assessment
    • Dr. David Wilson, George Mason University, Musings on Meta-analysis and Scientific Progress
    • Dr. Doris Rubio, University of Pittsburgh, Evaluation in the Context of Science Management
  • Knowledge Discovery/Management Topics (4 presentations and discussion)
    • Ms. Mary Kane, Concept Systems Inc, Science Management using Organizational Knowledge
    • Dr. Katy Börner, Indiana University, Computational Scientometrics Studying Science by Scientific Means
    • Dr. Jason Owen-Smith, University of Michigan, Networks & Institutions in the Utilization of Science
    • Dr. Nate Osgood, University of Saskatchewan, Knowledge Discovery & Management (Public Health)
  • Systems/Modeling/Policy (4 presentations and discussion)
    • Dr. Adam Jaffe, Brandeis University, Thinking Systemically about the Impact of NIH on the Country
    • Dr. Susan Cozzens, Georgia Institute of Technology, Systems of Innovation in biomedicine and health
    • Dr. Lynne Zucker, University of California – Los Angeles, Science & Management of Radical Change
    • Dr. Daniel Sarewitz, Arizona State University, Paths to Outcome-Based Innovation Policy: Theory, Methods, Tools

Closed: Invited Experts and NIH Science Staff Cross-Talk Sessions – Chaired by NIH IC Directors

Small Group, Multi-disciplinary Breakout Discussion Groups (Highlights from breakout groups):


Themes Chair

Current State of Knowledge Assessment

Dr. Lawrence Tabak, NIDCR

Knowledge Generation/Advancement

Dr. Nora Volkow, NIDA

Knowledge Utilization/Dissemination/Diffusion

Dr. Thomas Insel, NIMH

Public Health Impact

Dr. Paul Sieving, NEI


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