Value of Biomedical Research

The goal of this program is to analyze, coordinate, and report on issues related to the value of biomedical research, which consists of these outcomes:

  • Fundamental Scientific Knowledge – such as basic and translational discoveries; development of diagnostics, treatments, cures, and preventive strategies
  • Public Health – including improvements in health, longevity, and reduced disability and illness
  • Secondary Societal Impact – such as job creation and other economic benefits, international competitiveness, and science education

The value of NIH, in particular, is derived from its success at supporting, conducting, and disseminating the results of biomedical research. This program aims to capture the value of NIH for the purposes of accountability to stakeholders, communication of NIH’s work, and informing the management of NIH’s programs and functions. The program team will collaborate in these efforts with its counterparts in the NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices, and with other Federal agencies, and stakeholders, when appropriate.

Value of Biomedical Research Report


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