Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART)

OMB discontinued PART in 2009. The information below is for PART assessments conducted between 2003 and 2006.


To earn a high PART rating, a program must use performance to manage and justify its resource requests, based on the performance it expects to achieve, and continually improve efficiency – all goals of the Budget and Performance Integration Initiative. The rating scale is shown below:

Rating Range
Effective 85 – 100
Moderately Effective 70 – 84
Adequate 50 – 69
Ineffective 0 – 49

NIH's PART assessment ratings are below:

PART Year Year Conducted Program Score Rating Summary
FY 005 FY 03 HIV/AIDS Research 83 Moderately Effective The HIV/AIDS Research Program was deemed moderately effective. Improvements based on PART included a scientific update to the deadline for the end target, and an increase in the number of program evaluations submitted for the planning and budget development process.
FY 006 FY 04 Extramural Research 89 Effective The Extramural Research Program was deemed effective. The PART resulted in integrating the CJ and GPRA Plans/Reports and led to discussions addressing budget performance alignment. Program exemplifies good design, planning, management and results.
FY 007 FY 05 Intramural Research 90 Effective The Intramural Program was deemed effective. Program exemplifies good design, planning, management and results.
FY 007 FY 05 Building & Facilities 96 Effective The Building and Facilities Program was deemed effective. Building and Facilities received the highest numerical score. There were no program flaws noted.
FY 008 FY 06 Research Training N/A Effective The Research Training Program was deemed effective. Program is effective at training and retaining researchers in the biomedical research field.
FY 008 FY 06 Extramural Construction N/A Moderately Effective The Extramural Research Facilities Construction Program was deemed moderately effective. Program effectively manages construction and renovation projects from the pre-award phase and during construction.

NIH PART summaries and improvement plans can be accessed by clicking on the links below: 

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