Science of Science Management

In October 2008, DPCPSI organized a meeting about the Science of Science Management. The meeting focused on the systematic study of NIH's management of biomedical research and development to improve decision making in planning, implementing, and disseminating biomedical research for the improvement of public health. Initial efforts focused on the development of needed infrastructures and strategies in order to systematically study science management topics.

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Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART)

The Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) was an OMB method of assessing the performance of program activities across the federal government. The last PART assessment at the NIH was conducted in fiscal year 2006.

PART assessments asked a series of questions aimed at making program management more effective. PART included questions in four areas:

  • Program purpose and design
  • Performance measurements, evaluations, and strategic planning
  • Program management
  • Program results

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