Objective 3: Develop and disseminate standards of the highest quality across the metascience subfield that focuses on the biomedical research enterprise


The emerging field of metascience uses interdisciplinary approaches to study how scientists are supported, do their work, and advance scientific knowledge. Metascience provides a quantitative approach to understanding how discoveries arise, how funding priorities are established, and how science is pursued within and across disciplines and institutional structures.

OPA contributes to the development of the metascience field by implementing improvements in data quality and availability and establishing best practices in portfolio analysis.

As data collection and analysis continue to evolve, OPA has a role to play in supporting further improvements to both the datasets and methodology, as well as dissemination of best practices.


  1. Coordinate analytical efforts within NIH and share OPA resources and best practices with other funders
  2. Catalyze improvements in human health by linking NIH accomplishments to downstream clinical or commercialization activities
  3. Collaborate with leading metascience practitioners in the public and private sectors

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