Objective 2: Develop and disseminate metrics and standards of the highest quality that can inform best practice in portfolio analysis at NIH


One of the critical imperatives of OPA research and development (R&D) has been to share data, methods, and tools with the NIH community and the public. OPA R&D—including the creation of novel data pipelines, high-quality interoperable databases, and AI/ML— continues to improve analytical capabilities across NIH and the entire biomedical community.

OPA R&D and training activities will continue to focus on empowering NIH staff to produce high-quality analyses that inform the public about the accomplishments, impact, and data-driven prioritization of NIH-funded research.


  1. Catalyze adoption of data-driven approaches to decision making across NIH and beyond
  2. Stewardship of OPA R&D efforts
  3. Coordinate with other NIH ICOs—including OER, OEPR, and ODSS—to ensure that our data, methods, tools, and training meet the highest possible standards of quality and are well aligned to avoid unnecessary duplication or expense

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