OPA supports data-driven decision making by developing and disseminating validated, carefully normalized approaches that can:

  • Analyze past decision making
  • Measure the resulting influence
  • Forecast the productivity of NIH portfolios, including their potential for successful bench-to-bedside translation
Infographic depicting methods of supporting data-driven decision making including data cleaning & analytics, consult & collaborate, develop new analytics, build tools, and disseminate best practices.

OPA has had several accomplishments since its inception. Below are a few which show how OPA's innovative tools have recently supported NIH and the broader community, while also aligning with the Strategic Plan:

  • Using artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to characterize topics described in grant applications and publications (Read more)
  • Using AI/ML to accelerate the discovery of human therapeutics (Read more)
  • Measuring article influence and disseminating AI/ML-enhanced, high-quality input data (Read more)
  • The COVID-19 Portfolio: OPA adaptability to urgent decision making needs (Read more)