December 2016 Call Agenda

Schedule Topic Presenter/Facilitator
2:00 p.m. Roll Call Kendra King
2:05 p.m. Review of December Call Agenda and Opportunity for the TCAC to Add Additional Topics TCAC Co-Chairs
2:10 p.m. Charter Feedback Received from Members and HHS Office of General Counsel and Discussion of Next Steps Lora Kutkat
2:10 p.m.
Updates on NIH Tribal Activities
Update Presenter/Facilitator
October 9, 2016 Annual Tribal Consultation Summary Posted Jim Anderson
Action Items from November 2016 Monthly TCAC Call Jim Anderson
NIH TCAC Call for Nominations Jim Anderson
TCAC March 9-10, 2017 In-Person Meeting and Draft Agenda Jim Anderson
Tribal Health Research Office Director Recruitment Robin Kawazoe
Scheduling Future Monthly TCAC Calls Kendra King
3:00 p.m. Adjourn Meeting