Krista Zanetti, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D.

Responsibilities & Activities

Dr. Zanetti coordinates ONR activities focused on the developmental origins of health and diet-related chronic diseases. She also supports the efforts to implement the Strategic Plan for NIH Nutrition Research and is a member of the Foundational Nutrition Science Implementation Working Group.


Dr. Zanetti joined the NIH Office on Nutrition Research (ONR) in May 2022. She earned a B.S. in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition from the University of Pittsburgh. She then worked in as a dietitian at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, Florida providing medical nutrition therapy to patients in a critical care setting. After gaining clinical experience, Dr. Zanetti earned a Ph.D. in Nutrition from Cornell University where she studied folate-dependent one-carbon metabolism in the laboratory of Dr. Patrick Stover. She was then accepted into the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program. During the first year of her fellowship, she earned a M.P.H. focused on Epidemiologic and Biostatistical Methods for Public Health and Clinical Research from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and then subsequently conducted primary research in the Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis in the NCI’s Center for Cancer Research. Following her postdoctoral training, Dr. Zanetti joined the Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program in the NCI Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences as a Health Scientist Administrator. In this position, her primary focus was building infrastructure and capacity to support metabolomics research in large population-based studies, including the establishment of the trans-NIH international Consortium of Metabolomics Studies (COMETS), which currently has over 70 prospective cohorts working together to leverage existing resources. She is currently a co-coordinator of the NIH Common Fund Metabolomics Program and chair of the NIH Metabolomics Scientific Interest Group.


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Health Scientist Administrator, ONR, NIH, 2022-Present

Health Scientist Administrator, Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, NCI, NIH, 2010-2022

Research Fellow and Cancer Training Research Award Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis, Center for Cancer Research, NCI, NIH, 2007-2010

M.P.H., Epidemiological & Biostatistical Methods for Public Health and Clinical Research, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2004

Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program, NCI, NIH, 2003-2007

Ph.D., Nutrition, Cornell University, 2004

Consultant Clinical Dietitian, Elcor Health Services, Inc., 2002-2003

Clinical Dietitian, Marriott Health Care Services at JFK Medical Center, 1994-1996

B.S., Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition, University of Pittsburgh, 1994