Foundational Nutrition Science Implementation Working Group

This working group will focus on basic, translational, and methodological foundational research in nutrition science. Integrated connections with other fields of study such as bioinformatics, neurobiology, and genomics will be encouraged and incorporated as needed. Recent topics of discussion include bioinformatic gaps in nutrition-related pathways, genes (e.g., transporter genes), and metabolites; meal-timing strategies for improving health, including circadian influences on nutrition and health; and the influence of nutrition on immune function.

Sharon Ross, NCI

Christopher Lynch, ONR
Tanya Agurs-Collins, NCI
Larry Brody, NHGRI
LaVerne Brown, ODS
Diana Cummings, NIDDK
Phil Daschner, NCI
Nancy Emenaker, NCI
Roberto Flores, ONR
Yih-Woei Fridell, NIA
Patricia Haggerty, NIAID
Amit Kumar, NCI
Maren Laughlin, NIDDK
Somdat Mahabir, NCI
Padma Maruvada, NIDDK
Aaron Pawlyk, NICHD
Nancy Potischman, ODS
Shamsi Raeissi, NINDS
Dan Raiten, NICHD
Edward Sauter, NCI
Barbara Sorkin, ODS
Pothur Srinivas, NCI
Anil Wali, NCI
Dan Xi, NCI
Krista Zanetti, NCI

Intramural Subject Matter Experts:
Jean Harry, NIEHS
Tiffany Powell-Wiley, NHLBI