The Office of Administrative Management (OAM) mission is to provide executive services and coordination in administrative management and support DPCPSI offices.


The OAM vision is to consistently provide innovative, high quality, customer-centered executive services for DPCPSI.
We will accomplish our vision by:

  • establishing and maintaining a solid and supportive infrastructure
  • strategic and proactive operational planning to meet customer needs
  • maximizing the efficiency of daily operations
  • implementing innovative and creative solutions
  • developing tools and resources that enhance communications, facilitate information sharing and increase efficiency
  • fostering performance-driven customer service
  • optimizing the workforce through team building and skills training
  • building productive relationships with division staff, leadership, and the greater NIH community


The OAM’s core values are IntegrityExcellence, and Innovation.


The OAM staff is dedicated to following the highest standards of ethical conduct, professionalism and accountability for government employees as responsible stewards of federal government resources and information.  The OAM is committed to the principle of respecting every individual.     


The OAM seeks to provide and maintain operational excellence.  Staff demonstrate this commitment by assuring quality at the source, embracing a customer-centric mindset, focusing on constancy of purpose, and creating value for those we serve.


The OAM is committed to creating and implementing progressive approaches and adapting innovative technologies as it strives to streamline business processes, solve problems and improve services and coordination within the division.

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