Implementation of Nutrition-related Programs, Practices, and Behaviors Implementation Working Group

This working group seeks to advance the reach of effective nutrition and diet-related behavior interventions through implementation and dissemination science. The group will work to promote initiation and sustainability of healthy eating behaviors by emphasizing multilevel (e.g. policy, community, family, individual) approaches to bring precision nutrition interventions to scale through innovative research methods. Additional focus will be placed on extending research and practice capacity and evaluation of policies and programs to improve dietary quality.

Holly Nicastro, ONR

April Oh, NCI
Lynn Adams, NCI
Alison Brown, NHLBI
Annina Burns, ORWH
Nancy Emenaker, NCI
Helen Huang, ORWH
Ariella Korn, NCI
Padma Maruvada, NIDDK
Linda Nebeling, NCI
Charlotte Pratt, NHLBI
Elise Rice, NIDCR
Yang (Scarlet) Shi,NHLBI
Rene Sterling, NHGRI
Elaine Trujillo, NCI
Susan Vorkoper, FIC
Anil Wali, NCI
Jamie White, ORWH
Vanessa White, NIDDK
Deborah Young-Hyman, OBSSR

Intramural Subject Matter Experts: