iSearch version 2.4 has been launched!

iSearch is NIH’s next-generation portfolio analysis platform, providing comprehensive, easy-to-use access to a carefully curated, extensively linked data set of global grants, patents, publications, clinical trials, and drugs.

New features in iSearch v2.4 include:

  • Foamtree category downloads: Option to download Foamtree visualization categories and link to source
  • Find similar records: Returns results with the ability to filter based on level of similarity
  • Boost search terms: Prioritize some terms over others in a text search
  • Relevance score: Displays similarity of result compared with search criteria in Table View
  • Edit facets and filters: Ability to edit facets and filters from the breadcrumb trail
  • Reset button: Resets the search in the modify facet window
  • New fields and facets in the Grants module including:
    • Active Grants
    • Facet on RFA number
    • Main PCC
    • Key Personnel
    • OPA RPG flag providing a broader definition of Research Grants
  • Facetable year fields included in all modules
  • Improved help text in Facet View in all modules

Portfolio Tool

  • Copy curatable fields from any portfolio that you are an Owner, Manager or Super Curator
  • Portfolio name included in download
  • Time stamp included alongside date in records added to portfolio

View the one-pager for a brief overview of the new features in iSearch v2.4: iSearch one-pager. 

Full details of the new features are included in the release notes section of the user guide: 

If you require access to iSearch, please use the link here to email us:


As always, we are interested to hear what you think about the tool. The v2.4 functionality has been added as a result of feedback from users. Please let us know what you think by using the ‘Submit Feedback’ button in iSearch, or use sends e-mail) to email us.


Happy searching!


The iSearch team


This page last reviewed on February 7, 2020