iSearch COVID-19 Portfolio tool

OPA has developed and launched the iSearch COVID-19 Portfolio tool, a resource for probing a comprehensive portfolio of publications and preprints curated by subject-matter experts to focus entirely on COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2. Our COVID-19 Portfolio tool leverages the cutting-edge analytical capability of the iSearch platform and includes peer-reviewed articles from PubMed and preprints from medRxiv, SSRN, arXiv, bioRxiv, Research Square, and ChemRxiv. It is updated daily with the latest available data, enabling users to explore and analyze the rapidly growing set of advances in COVID-19 research as they accumulate in real-time.

We designed the platform to provide maximum flexibility and ease-of-use: users have access to visualization using key terms to group articles into interactive clusters for download or further queries, search the full text of articles and/or supplemental datasets in addition to titles and abstracts, store and share URLs to save and periodically update the results of useful search strategies, and a host of other features. The OPA Director, Dr. George Santangelo, provided a detailed description of the tool and its features for the NIH community on the Open Mike blog.

You can access our iSearch COVID-19 portfolio here: Any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated; please send comments via the Feedback button associated with the tool.

iSearch version 2.4 has been launched!

iSearch is NIH’s next-generation portfolio analysis platform, providing comprehensive, easy-to-use access to a carefully curated, extensively linked data set of global grants, patents, publications, clinical trials, and drugs.

This page last reviewed on August 12, 2020