Microbiome, Diet and Health Interrelationships Implementation Working Group

The main goal of this working group is to coordinate and promote research on diet-microbiome host interactions. This working group is represented by intramural and extramural NIH scientists with interest in microbiome-host interactions across the lifespan and in relation to disease and treatment. This group aspires to advance a precision nutrition research agenda by better defining diet-microbiome host interrelationships, and by aligning with the trans-NIH microbiome working group and fostering collaborative interactions. Some of the planned activities for the group include facilitation of funding initiatives, organization of workshops, seminar series, grant portfolio analysis and related activities.

Padma Maruvada, NIDDK

Roberto Flores, ONR
Linda Bambrick, NINDS
Gisela Butera, ORS
Severn Churn, NINDS
Diana Cummings, NIDDK
Phil Daschner, NCI
Anika Dzierlenga, NIEHS
Patricia Haggerty, ODS
Jean Harry, NIEHS
David A. Jett, NINDS
Hye-Sook Kim, NCCIH
Amit Kumar, NCI
Gariel Lai, NCI
Dwayne Lundsford, NCATS
Tamara McNealy, NIDCR
Holly Nicastro, ONR
Voula Osganian, NIDDK
Ryan Ranallo, NIAID
Sharon Ross, NCI
Yang (Scarlet) Shi, NHLBI
Pothur Srinivas, NCI
Ashley Vargas, NICHD
Anil Wali, NCI
Dan Xi, NCI

Intramural Subject Matter Experts:
Yasmine Belkaid, NIAID
Erikka Loftfield, NCI
Rashmi Sinha, NCI