Medical Nutrition Implementation Working Group

This working group will focus on research aimed at expanding knowledge about the role of nutrition in disease treatment to address how the use of “Food as Medicine” can be improved in clinical settings. The ultimate goal is to enhance clinicians’ and the publics’ ability to have evidence-based “medical foods”, medical nutrition therapy, or specific eating patterns that may help prevent or reverse chronic diseases or to improve the effectiveness of medical treatments.

Charlotte Pratt, NHLBI

Christopher Lynch, ONR
Andrew Bremer, NICHD
Adam Hartman, NINDS
Voula Osganian, NIDDK
Lora Reineck, NHLBI
Marcel Salive, NIA
Edward Sauter, NCI
Jeffrey White, NCI

ONR Support Staff:
Kimberly Barch, ONR

This page last reviewed on January 12, 2022