Approaches, Methods, and Tools for Dietary Intake Assessment Implementation Working Group

Achieving the goal of precision nutrition hinges on changing the way we think about diet, toward a holistic view that considers and analyzes dietary patterns, not individual nutrients. This working group seeks to advance the science of dietary assessment with a goal of developing accurate, user-friendly, and customizable dietary intake data-capture tools. Such approaches include mobile devices, as well as innovative biomarkers of dietary intake and exposure. Additional priorities include strategies to combine data from multiple methods of dietary-intake assessment; integrate datasets with nutrient-composition databases; and develop and disseminate statistical approaches to mitigate the effect of measurement error.

Mary Evans, NIDDK

Jill Reedy, NCI
LaVerne Brown, ODS
Nancy Emenaker, NCI
Roberto Flores, ONR
Kirsten Herrick, NCI
Emir Khatipov, NIDCR
Padma Maruvada, NIDDK
Holly Nicastro, ONR
Lauren O'Connor, NCI
Voula Osganian, NIDDK
Marissa Shams-White, NCI
Barbara Sorkin, ODS
Anil Wali, NCI
Dan Xi, NCI

Intramural Subject Matter Experts:
Erikka Loftfield, NCI