Office of Evaluation, Performance, and Reporting (OEPR)

The Office of Evaluation, Performance and Reporting (OEPR) provides leadership and coordination of NIH efforts to better capture, communicate, and enhance the value of biomedical research through strategic planning, performance monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.  The goal of OEPR is to improve NIH stewardship by ensuring that it and its stakeholders have the best evidence available on NIH activities and impact to inform decisions about policies, programs, and projects.  OEPR works to:

  • Improve data collection on NIH activities, outputs, and outcomes, including tracking progress toward attaining programmatic and/or organizational goals;
  • Identify strategies and opportunities to strengthen and integrate NIH’s capacity for strategic planning, performance monitoring and evaluation; and
  • Facilitate reporting of NIH activities and impact to all NIH’s stakeholders.


This page last reviewed on March 10, 2020