Administrative Management

OAMC provides comprehensive division-wide administrative management, direction and support. We make use of cutting-edge technologies to optimize operating procedures, and respond to real-time challenges with innovative strategies to streamline business processes and daily operations. Administrative team staff serve as points of contact for the 13 division offices, and along with program support staff, perform the daily administrative tasks for the entire division.

OAMC Administrative Management Services

  • Manage the budget, personnel, procurement, space, property, travel, and other administrative functions
  • Provide standard operating procedures that streamline processes, and promote efficiency and consistency
  • Develop policies, procedures, guidelines and requirements on administrative issues to ensure the efficient and effective implementation and operation of DPCPSI programs
  • Analyze and evaluate operations to recommend and implement improvements
  • Create customized data storage and document libraries for efficiency and consistency among offices and their administrative operations
  • Create customized technologies to dynamically route forms for efficiency of operations
  • Formulate and execute action plans in response to business and management problems or initiatives, directives, regulations, legislation or other issues that may require administrative action or have administrative implications
  • Coordinate the Program Support Working Group that supports administrative management for each division office
  • Advise the DPCPSI Director, Deputy Director, Office Directors, and staff on developments in administrative management and their implications and effects on program management

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This page last reviewed on September 16, 2019