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Chimpanzees Research Use Panel


Background and Charge of the Panel

As explained in 78 Fed. Reg. 39741 (“the FRN”), among other things, the agency accepted the Council recommendation to establish a panel, which is independent of the existing NIH review processes (e.g., peer review of grants and technical evaluation of contracts and scientific review of NIH intramural research), to consider whether requests to the NIH to use chimpanzees in research are consistent with the IOM principles and criteria. A working group of the NIH Council of Councils, the Chimpanzee Research Use Panel (CRUP or “Panel”) was created and charged with considering requests to use chimpanzees in research. The CRUP will convene before the NIH makes decisions about funding or otherwise allowing research involving chimpanzees but after the NIH peer review, technical evaluation, or other applicable review processes are completed for grant applications, contract proposals, and intramural research protocols. Consistent with the IOM report, the NIH accepted the Council’s recommendation that certain observational or non-interventional research involving chimpanzees and certain research involving chimpanzee biomaterials will be exempt from the CRUP’s consideration.


Consideration by the CRUP and Council of Councils

CRUP members will convene before the NIH makes funding decisions or otherwise allows the research to proceed but after the NIH peer review, technical evaluation, or other applicable reviews are completed for grant applications, contract proposals, and intramural research protocols. In accordance with laws governing the federal advisory committee process, the CRUP will present its recommendations to the Council of Councils, which, in turn, will make recommendations to the appropriate NIH IC Director(s).


When Does the CRUP Meet?

The CRUP will meet three times per year, as needed, and after the NIH IC Advisory Councils or Boards convene and recommend grant applications for funding. Although the CRUP schedule is tied to extramural advisory bodies that advise the NIH on grants, the CRUP meeting schedule in the "Due Dates" section applies to contracts, intramural research, and third party research as well. Due to discussions of proprietary information that are expected to occur, CRUP meetings will not be open to the public.


When Does the Council of Councils Meet?

After the CRUP considers the requests to use chimpanzees in research, they will inform the NIH Council of Councils of their findings during its closed session discussion. The Council of Councils meets three times per year, according to the schedule in the "Due Dates" section. Recommendations from the Council of Councils will be transmitted to the appropriate NIH IC Director(s) to be taken into consideration when making funding decisions or otherwise determining whether the research should proceed.


Due Dates

This section contains general information about due dates as they relate to research involving chimpanzees. The first meeting of the CRUP will occur in or around May 2014 for contract offerors, intramural researchers, and third party researchers. Subsequent CRUP meetings will occur approximately every four months.


  Receipt* Scientific Review* Advisory Council Review* Form Due** CRUP Meeting*** Council of Councils Review****
Applicable to contract offerors, intramural research, and third party research Mar 1, 2014 May 2014 Jun 20, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Aug 2014 Sep 5, 2014
Cycle I Jan–Feb 2014 May–Jun 2014 Sep–Oct 2014 Nov 1, 2014 Dec 2014 Jan 30, 2015
Cycle II May–Jun 2014 Sep–Oct 2014 Jan–Feb 2015 Mar 3, 2015 May 2015 Jun 19, 2015
Cycle III Sep–Oct 2014 Jan–Feb 2015 May–Jun 2015 Jul 1, 2015 Aug 2015 Sep 1, 2015

* applicable only to grant applications. Due dates for contract proposals and intramural research protocols are specified by the contracting office and/or NIH IC.

** dates are approximate. The NIH will communicate the final due date at the time the agency asks the applicant or offeror to complete the Chimpanzee Research Use Form.

*** applicable to only research determined by the NIH to be subject to CRUP consideration.

**** future dates will be available at:



For questions regarding a specific grant application, please contact the NIH program officer associated with the application. For questions regarding a specific Request for Proposals, please contact the assigned NIH Contracting Officer. NIH intramural researchers, third parties, and others may direct questions to



Barbara J. Guthrie, RN, PhD, FAAN (co-chair)
Northeastern University
Boston, MA

Gilbert C. White, II, MD (co-chair)
Blood Center of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

The Reverend Kim Turner Baker, JD, MDiv
Washington National Cathedral
Washington, DC

James G. Else, DVM, MPVM
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

Paul A. Garber, PhD
University of Illinois
Urbana, IL

Amye L. Leong, MBA
Healthy Motivation
Santa Barbara, CA

Karen J. Maschke, PhD
The Hastings Center
Garrison, NY

Sarah J. Ratcliffe, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

James H. Wendorf  
National Center for Learning Disabilities
New York, NY


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