Innovative & responsive strategic business solutions & services for DPCPSI

The Office of Administrative Management and Communications (OAMC) is located in the Immediate Office of the Director of the Division of Program Coordination, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives (DPCPSI) and provides administrative management and communications support to DPCPSI offices. DPCPSI is in the Office of the Director (OD), of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

The office was formally established in 2013 and created to streamline business processes, and to promote consistency and best practices across the diverse offices within the division. The OAMC's two teams -- the Administrative Management Team and the Communications Team -- support the division through stakeholder-focused and performance-driven services.

OAMC provides services to DPCPSI programs and offices in the following areas:

  • Administrative operations
  • Communications coordination
  • DPCPSI-wide and trans-NIH special projects

OAMC plans and directs administrative management functions within DPCPSI and provides communications guidance, coordination and resources. The office also advises senior leadership on developments in administrative management and communications and their implications and effect on program management. Read more about us.

This page last reviewed on January 24, 2019