Each DPCPSI program office has a Communications Director (CD). Please be sure to work in conjunction with your DPCPSI CD and feel free to contact us as an additional resource or point of information at any time.

Service Areas Include:

  • DPCPSI Newsletter
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Media Services
  • Office Communications
  • Public and DPCPSI Staff Information and Inquiries
  • Social Media
  • Technical Writing and Editing
  • Website Content
  • Website Design and Usability
  • 508 Compliance
Service Area Skills Provided Staff Member(s)
DPCPSI Newsletter Writing, researching leads and interviewing DPCPSI and NIH staff members. Jennifer Gorman Wright
Cynthia Schoonover
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Coordinating FOIA requests for DPCPSI between the NIH FOIA Office and all DPCPSI Offices or providing assistance identifying the appropriate DPCPSI office FOIA contact. Answering questions, providing timelines, information and resources as needed. Jennifer Gorman Wright
Media Services Answering press questions, processing interview requests or clearance questions and assistance identifying the appropriate DPCPSI press office contacts.

Answering media inquiries about chimpanzee research, contact Renate Myles in the Office of Communications and Public Liaison/OD at, 301-435-3638.
Jennifer Gorman Wright
Office Communications Developing strategic communications plans, policies and procedures related to DPCPSI communication needs. Answering and clarifying questions related to DHHS/NIH and DPCPSI communications and assistance identifying the appropriate DPCPSI communications contacts. Responding to general OAMC office communication needs. Jennifer Gorman Wright
Cynthia Schoonover
Public and DPCPSI Staff Information and Inquiries Creating a variety of communications products in support of the DPCPSI mission that include print and electronic materials; Web site information; internal publications/Web site resources, such as the DPCPSI Spotlight newsletter and the DPCPSI intranet. Contact us at: Jennifer Gorman Wright,
Cynthia Schoonover
Social Media Managing Facebook – policies, permissions, privacy, PIA, documentation, posting and creating pages. Jennifer Gorman Wright,
Cynthia Schoonover
Technical Writing and Editing Writing and editing a variety of documents for print and Web, includes researching, interviewing, and photography.  Cynthia Schoonover
Website Content Writing, researching, database management, including photography and creating short videos for Web. Cynthia Schoonover
Website Design and Usability Creating architectural designs incorporating industry standards of usability, including 508 compliance and other technical considerations. Cynthia Schoonover
508 Compliance Coordinating, policies, converting files and checking compliance. Cynthia Schoonover

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