Administrative Management

OAMC staff are available to assist with and provide guidance on policies and procedures to meet a wide range of administrative and communication needs. Our skills and the support we can provide are listed below. See information about the DPCPSI AO and Leadership Points of Contact chart below. If you need additional help, please contact us for assistance locating the desired support.

Service Areas

  • Acquisitions and Contracts
  • Budget
  • Building Services
  • Conference Requests
  • Data Systems
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • ITAS
  • Privacy
  • Procurement, Small Purchases
  • Records Management
  • SharePoint
  • Space
  • Travel

Administrative Officer (AO) Contacts by DPCPSI Office

A chart of DPCPSI AO and Leadership Points of Contact is available on the DPCPSI Intranet, and includes contact information for Administrative Officers, Property Custodial Officers, Timekeepers and others with assigned services.
( Link is accessible for DPCPSI staff only)

This page last reviewed on May 7, 2019