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Volunteers are needed to support the overall needs of the NIH Pavilion throughout the USA Science and Engineering Festival. NIH is recruiting NIH staff (all others may volunteer at the USA Science and Engineering Festival Volunteer website). Contractors may also be able to volunteer, depending on their positions. Review the volunteer job descriptions below, to get an idea of our needs.  Positions and the event schedule offer some flexibility depending on your availablity.

NIH volunteers for the 2014 USASEF Career Pavilion
NIH volunteers for the 2014 USASEF Career Pavilion.

Volunteer Jobs for the NIH Pavilion (NIH Staff Only)

  • NIH Pavilion Exhibit Facilitator - In this role, the primary responsibility is to offer general guidance to festival attendees, and facilitate their exposure to science learning by encouraging them to participate in the 21 hands-on activities within the NIH Pavilion. Duties may include greeting visitors, answering general questions about the festival, handing out maps, directing visitors to areas of special interest, and crowd and line management. An ideal exhibit facilitator is someone who is courteous, has good communication skills, and enjoys working with people of all ages. To volunteer in this role, use your NIH login credentials to sign up here at the corresponding doodle poll.
  • IC Activity Volunteer - Each participating IC is recruiting NIH staff to support their individual booth and activities. (See the 2018 NIH Activities). There is a need for individuals who are flexible and can support activities and fill vacant positions or gaps in the schedule as needed. Use your NIH login credentials to see the current list of volunteer opportunites available from the ICs, and sign up at the corresponding doodle poll. You may check in with your IC point of contact for additional information. 
  • NIH Hour in the Career Pavilion - The USASEF hosts a Career Pavilion, in which different organizations host 1-hour sessions. This is a somewhat informal activity in that NIH staff with varied backgrounds and careers may talk about their careers and career paths to interested youth and family members.  To fill this role, volunteers are needed on Saturday, April 7, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. If you love your job, consider this opportunity and use your NIH login credentials to sign up here at the corresponding doodle poll (NIH Hosts an Hour).

Other Volunteers

If you are not an NIH employee, you can volunteer directly at the USA Science and Engineering Festival Volunteer website.

This page last reviewed on March 9, 2018