2020 USASEF Activities at the NIH Pavilion

Explore Current Scientific Themes with Hands-On Activities

In 2020, the NIH is hosting a large Pavilion where students, children and families, and people of all ages can engage in hands-on health and science activities led by staff from the NIH institutes, centers, and offices.

Explore one or more of the major scientific themes, which organize the NIH Pavilion this year. At each thematic center, visitors can try out a number of activities to learn more about the topic theme.

Other Activities and Exhibits

Animal Research: Finding Cures, Saving Lives! (OLAW)

Take a sneak peek into how animals in biomedical research are cared for in their quest to save millions of precious lives. Meet and engage with the NIH Mouse and experience firsthand the life of a laboratory mouse. We welcome you to take a journey with us to explore how animals in biomedical research have contributed to medical breakthroughs that helped you and your loved ones. Let us show you how much NIH cares!

This page last reviewed on January 31, 2020