Please visit the site often for continuous updates leading up to the 2020 festival!

Event Highlights from NIH

  • An Exhibit – NIH will host an anchor exhibit in the Health and Medicine Pavilion staffed with representatives from the NIH’s 27 institutes, centers, and offices. 
  • Activities – Engage in a number of hands-on activities focusing on health, biomedical and behavioral science topics.
  • NIH Nifty Fifty – The NIH has several employees that are part of the Nifty Fifty program. The Nifty Fifty are a group of inspiring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professionals who are available to speak about their work and careers at middle and high schools across the country during the 2019/2020 school year.
  • Stage Show – NIH will host a special show, starring institute and center directors among others, on one of the main USASEF stages. 
  • Step Into the Future of Health – Jump aboard the All of Ussm Journey education vehicle to explore about the power of precision medicine. Learn how your genetics, lifestyle and environment make your health needs unique and why diverse respresentation in biomedical research matters.
    All of Us Journey education vehicle

Find Us at the Festival

The NIH Pavilion is usually on the lower level of the convention center. As you enter the exhibit hall, look up to the rafters for the large NIH Ring circling above the NIH Pavilion area.  Check back for updates on our location for this year's festival (ie. booth number, expo map, and the NIH Pavilion map).