The Sexual & Gender Minority Research Office (SGMRO) annually supports an administrative supplement program to allow the addition of sexual and gender minority (SGM) populations or related research questions to existing parent grants provided that the proposed research is within the scope of the parent grant. An administrative supplement is a non-competing award that provides additional funding to a currently funded parent grant to meet increased costs that are within the scope of the approved project, but that were unforeseen when the new or competing renewal application was awarded.

The SGM Administrative Supplements program began in 2015. To date, the program has provided more than $8 million in funding to 86 unique supplements that span a broad range of key topics in SGM health research.


Previously Funded SGM Administrative Supplements

FY Parent Grant Number PI Name (Contact) Parent Institution Project Title Supplement Award Amount
2023 R21TW012376 Humberto Lopez Castillo University of Central Florida Cardiometabolic Status of Adults Living with HIV in Colon, Panama $100,000
2023 R01CA265945 B R Simon Rosser University of Minnesota Testing Effective Methods to Recruit Sexual and Gender Minority Cancer Patients for Cancer Studies $100,000
2023 U01HG011181 Dan M Roden Vanderbilt University Medical Center Vanderbilt Genome-Electronic Records (VGER) Project  $100,000
2023 R01AG063771 Tara McKay  Vanderbilt Univerity Effects of Social Networks and Policy Context on Health among Older Sexual and Gender Minorities in the US South  $99,999
2023 R37AG076057 Debra J. Umberson University of Texas at Austin How Spouses Influence Each Other’s Health in Same- and Different-Sex Marriages: A Dyadic and Longitudinal Assessment from Mid to Later Life  $100,000
2023 R44AG074128 Christian Elliott Whiplash Technology, Inc. Design, Development, and Validation of an AI-enabled Legal Planning and Financial Management Training Solution for ADRD Caregivers  $99,876
2023 P50AA005595 William C Kerr Public Health Institute Administrative Supplement to the Epidemiology on Alcohol Problems: Alcohol-Related Disparities Research Project  $99,998
2023 UG3AI169655 Jonathon H Rendina George Washington University  Multilevel strategies to understand and modify the role of structural and environmental context on HIV inequities for sexual and gender minorities of color  $99,899
2023 R34DA054853 Emily F Dauria University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Technology Enhanced Substance Use and HIV Service Navigation for Sexual and Gender Minority Young Adults Surveilled by the Carceral System  $100,000
2023 R01DK122564 Mishaela R Rubin Columbia University Health Sciences Skeletal Health in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes and Gender Diversity  $100,000
2023 R01DK122853 Jessica Robinson-Papp Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Effects of Vagal Dysfunction on Gastrointestinal and Inflammatory Pathways in HIV  $99,524
2023 R01DK124821 Roberto Pacifici Emory University Role of the gut microbiome in the bone loss induced by hyperparathyroidism in mice and humans  $100,000
2023 R01DK125187  Yan Sun Emory University Multi-omic Predictors of Renal Function among HIV-infected Individuals of African Ancestry Supplement  $100,000
2023 R01DK130963 James William Griffith Northwestern University at Chicago Enhanced Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Sexual and Gender Minority Populations  $100,000
2023 U01DK106898 Elizabeth Rose Mueller Loyola University Chicago Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) RISE for Health  $99,991
2023 R34MH130233 Roman Shrestha University of Connecticut Storrs An online HIV self-testing intervention with online-to-offline linkage to care for transgender women  $99,999
2023 R01DK126042 Jordan E. Lake University of Texas Health Science Center Houston Effects of Estradiol on FGF21 Physiology in Transgender Women With HIV  $100,000
2022 K23AA028818 Caitlin W. Clevenger University of Alabama at Birmingham Acute Use of Alcohol and Attentional Bias towards Suicide: An Experimental Test of the Attention-Allocation Model $71,222
2022 U19AI144177 Justin D. Radolf University of Connecticut School of Medicine Prevalence of syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections in men and transgender women who have sex with men in Cali, Colombia  $99,986
2022 R01AR079178 Edwin Ngomueh Aroke University of Alabama at Birmingham Epigenetic Differences in Stress-Related Genes in Transgender Minorities $99,995
2022 P30CA016058 Raphael E. Pollock Ohio State University Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Data Collection Program Implementation and Evaluation  $100,000
2022 R01CA233550 Dorothy W. Pekmezi University of Alabama at Birmingham Testing scalable, IVR-supported cancer prevention interventions for SGM in the rural Alabama Black Belt  $99,825
2022 P30DK097948 Fabio Cominelli Case Western Reserve University The Cleveland Digestive Diseases Research Core Center (DDRCC)  $100,000
2022 P50MH115846 Dost Ongur McLean Hospital Laboratory for Early Psychosis Research (LEAP) $100,000
2022 R01MH123388 Rob B. Stephenson University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Violence and viral suppression among gender diverse people  $99,985
2022 R34MH125790 Joseph Daniels Arizona State University  Tailoring Healthy Relationships to Improve HIV Treatment Outcomes for MSM in Eastern Cape, South Africa  $100,000
2022 R01DA054236 Andy SL Tan University of Pennsylvania Project SMART: Social Media Anti-vaping Messages to Reduce ENDS Use Among Sexual and Gender Minority Teens  $75,000
2021 P30CA0160564 Candace S. Johnson Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Roswell Park Cancer Center Support Grant $100,000
2021 R01DA0509900 Amy M. Cohn University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Impact of a reduced nicotine standard on young adult appeal for menthol and non-menthol cigarettes $99,999
2021 R01DA0520160 Annese Flentje University of California, San Francisco Substance use and DNA methylation at the intersection of sex and gender $99,993
2021 K23DC0163350 Stephanie Misono University of Minnesota Psychological factors influencing voice outcomes: Technology-based assessment and intervention $72,609
2021 R21DK1247330 Rachel A. Moses Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic Decision Making in Transmasculine Genital Reconstruction Surgery (TMGRS) $100,000
2021 U01DK1068930 Janis M. Miller University of Michigan at Ann Arbor The Truly Healthy Bladder 2: Understanding Normal As A Pathway To Prevention Of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms In Women $99,952
2021 U01HL1462420 Phyllis C. Tien University of California, San Francisco SF Bay Area MACS/WIHS Combined Cohort Study $99,999
2021 R01MH1104450 Joanna E. Stienglass New York State Psychiatric Institute Longitudinal Assessment of Neural Circuits in Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa $99,624
2021 R01MH1189670 Judy You Rong Tan University of California, San Francisco LetSync: An mHealth approach to HIV care engagement among black men in couples $99,909
2021 R01MH1214070 Christina M. Nicolaidis Portland State University Measuring Health, Function, and Social Well-being in Adults on the Autism Spectrum $99,997
2021 R01MH1223010 Theresa I. Shineman Brown University Impact of Prescription Caps on Health Outcomes in People Infected with HIV $100,000
2021 R01MH1168290 Corina Lelutiu-Weinberger RBHS School of Nursing Building mobile HIV prevention and mental health support in low-resource settings $100,000
2020 R01AG055480 Jarrod Dalton Cleveland Clinic Lerner COM-CWRU Modeling and Forecasting Atherosclerotic Risk: A Complex Systems Approach $98,706
2020 R01DA045773 Lisa Bowleg George Washington University Reducing Black Mens Drug Use and Co-Occurring Negative Mental and Physical Health Outcomes: Intersectionality, Social-Structural Stressors, and Protective Factors $99,873
2020 R01DA046401  Natacha Marie De Genna  University of Pittsburgh Teen Mothers' Prenatal Cannabis Use and Co-Use with Tobacco $99,616
2020 R01DA048529 Erika Trapl Case Western Reserve University Impact of Flavor on Youth & Young Adults use Intention, Abuse Liability and Perceptions of Cigarillos $96,954
2020 R01MD010440 James William Griffith Northwestern University Reducing Assessment Barriers for Patients with Low Literacy $99,994
2020 R01MH112376 Xiaoming Li University of South Carolina at Columbia HIV-related Stigma and HIV Clinical Outcomes: Linkage and Mechanisms $100,000
2020 R01MH119892 Kimberly Michelle Nelson Boston University Medical Campus Minor Consent Laws and HIV Prevention Among Adolescents in the United States $80,896
2020 R01NR015495 Jacques Ravel University of Maryland Baltimore Elucidating causes of vaginal symptoms using a multi-omics approach $99,910
2020 R01NR017034 Joel Weissman Brigham and Women's Hospital Identifying barriers, facilitators and outcomes of Advanced Care Planning conversations with Medicare patients $49,459
2020 R01NR017574 Jeffrey Kelly Medical College of Wisconsin Increasing PrEP Use in High-Risk Social Networks of African American MSM in Underserved Low-Uptake Cities $99,975
2020 R34MH121084 Andrew Mujugira Infectious Disease Institute Peer-Delivered HIV Self-Testing, STI Self-Sampling and PrEP for Transgender Women in Uganda $99,999
2020 U24MD011202 Victor Terenuku Tofaeono American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition American Samoa Indigenous Samoan Partnership to Initiate REsearch Excellence (INSPIRE) in Colorectal Cancer Health Literacy $99,535
2020 R15AG059210 Evelina Sterling Kennesaw State University Healthy Together: A self-management and support intervention for low-income African American men with multiple chronic conditions $99,876
2020 R01MH117123 Emily Feinberg Boston Medical Center Optimizing a paraprofessional, family partner navigation model for children $99,999
2019 K23AA027288 Jocelyn Christine Anderson  Penn State University - University Park  Text message intervention for alcohol use and sexual violence in college students $47,046
2019 U24AA022002 Robert Cook University of Florida Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium Administrative and Research Support Core $99,229
2019 K24AG053794 Alexia Mary Torke  Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis  Communication in the Hospital: Impact on the Patient and Surrogate $99,545
2019 R01AI136948 Theresa Chang RBHS New Jersey Medical School Role of IFNe in immune modulation and HIV infection $100,000
2019 UG3AI133675 Christian Grov CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy  Following a U.S. National Cohort of Vulnerable Men to Improve HIV Prevention and Care $99,986
2019 R25CA142519 Susan Vadaparampil H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Enriching Communication Skills for Health Professionals in Oncofertility (ECHO) $81,812
2019 R01DA040480 Marya Gwadz New York University Using MOST to optimize an HIV care continuum intervention for vulnerable populations $85,494
2019 R01DC014463 Poorna Kushalnagar Gallaudet University PROMIS-Deaf Profile: Inclusion of Deaf Patients in Disability and Outcomes Research $99,669
2019 U01HG007292 Katrina Goddard Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Exome sequencing in Diverse Populations in Colorado & Oregon $99,635
2019 R01MD013554 Dustin Duncan New York University School of Medicine Impact of Social Cohesion and Social Capital in PrEP Uptake and Adherence Among Transwomen of Color $99,988
2019 U01MD010614 Julia Susan Seay University of Miami School of Medicine Increasing Uptake of Evidence Based Screening Services though a CHW-led multi-modality program: The South Florida Center for Reducing Health Disparities $100,000
2019 R01NR010187 Mallory Johnson University of California, San Francisco A couples-based approach to improving engagement in HIV care $100,000
2019 R01NR017837 Diane Santa Maria UT Health Science Center Houston Come As You Are - Assessing the Efficacy of a Nurse Case Management HIV Prevention and Care Intervention among Homeless Youth $99,855
2018 R01AG054457 Kimberly Allison Van Orden University of Rochester The Getting Active Project (GAP): A Randomized Trial of Volunteering to Reduce Loneliness in Later Life  $61,799
2018 R37CA214787 Nancy Fleischer University of Michigan at Ann Arbor The Impact of Tobacco Control Policies on Health Equity: Administrative Supplement for Research on Sexual Minority Populations  $100,000
2018 R01CA218155 Ilana Graetz University of Tennessee Health Science Center Effect of Patient-Provider Sexual Communication Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy Adherence, Sexual Dysfunction Management, and Sexual Quality of Life Among Black Women with Breast Cancer  $99,998
2018 DP2CA225433 Eleni Linos University of California, San Francisco Targeted Advertising for Cancer Prevention  $100,000
2018 UM1CA121947 Ronald T Mitsuyasu University of California, Los Angeles Piloting a Peer Recruitment Model in an Anal Cancer Prevention Study  $99,713
2018 R01CA218657 B R Simon Rosser University of Minnesota RESTORE: Improving Sexual Outcomes of Gay and Bisexual Prostate Cancer Survivors  $100,000
2018 R01DA043089 David D Celentano Johns Hopkins University Identifying and Engaging Urban HIV infected and uninfected YBMSM in care  $99,997
2018 R01DA037866 Silvia Saboia Martins Columbia University Health Sciences State Medical Marijuana Laws and NSDUH Marijuana Use and Consequences Since 2004  $100,000
2018 R01DA045612 Patrick Sean Sullivan Emory University Theoretically Based Mobile App to Increase PrEP Uptake Among MSM  $99,978
2018 R01MD011212 Kenneth McConnell Oregon Health & Science University Assessing the Potential for a State Medicaid Reform Model to Reduce Disparities  $99,604
2018 R01MD011528 Victoria De Los Angeles Ojeda University of California, San Diego Impact of Peer Support on Health Services and Social Disparities Among Minority Youth with SMI  $99,999
2018 R01MH110358 Stefan David Baral Johns Hopkins University Validation of Stigma Metrics for Marginalized Men  $99,309
2018 R01MH110206 Benjamin Foster Henwood University of Southern California Understanding HIV Risk Environment for Youth in Supportive Housing  $99,999
2018 R01MH110158 Deanna L Kerrigan American University Stigma, Cohesion and HIV Outcomes Among Vulnerable Women Across Epidemic Settings  $100,000
2018 R01MH113438 April Pettit Vanderbilt University Medical Center Multi-level Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health and Missed HIV Healthcare Provider Visits  $98,620
2017 R37AG033590 John Cacioppo University of Chicago Social Regulation of Gene Expression - Supplement $100,000
2017 U01AI035042 Joseph Margolick Johns Hopkins University Cardiometabolic Risk in Transgender Women and its Relationship to HIV $99,999
Infection and Feminizing Hormone Use
2017 U01DA036926 Michele Kipke Children's Hospital of Los Angeles Young Men of Color Who Have Sex with Men Cohort Study $100,000
2017 R01DC014463 Poorna Kushalnagar Gallaudet University PROMIS-Deaf Profile: Inclusion of Deaf Patients in Disability and Outcomes Research $97,802
2017 U01DK106898 Elizabeth Rose Mueller Loyola University of Chicago PLUS Loyola Clinical Center $99,860
2017 R01MH112147 Joan Rosenbaum Asarnow University of California, Los Angeles Randomized Trial of Stepped Care for Suicide Prevention in Teens and Young Adults $99,988
2017 R01MH112138 Edwin Boudreaux University of Massachusetts Medical School Worcester A System of Safety (SOS): Preventing Suicide through Healthcare System Transformation $99,828
2017 R01MH100155 Robert Gibbons University of Chicago A New Statistical Paradigm for Measuring Psychopathology Dimensions in Youth $99,893
2017 R01NR016249 Lee Ellington University of Utah, College of Nursing Cancer Caregiver interactions with the Hospice team: implications for end of life and bereavement outcomes $100,000
2017 R01CA204004 Joan Tucker Rand Corporation Use of Alternative Tobacco Products Among Homeless Youth $100,000
2017 R01DA040532 Ann Duerr Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Modulating the Impact of Critical Events in Early HIV Infection:  Effect of Early ART Initiation and Alcohol Use $94,399
2017 R01MH109413 John Pachankis Yale University A unified intervention for young gay and bisexual men's minority stress, mental health, and HIV risk $99,681
2017 R01AA023727 Seth Kalichman University of Connecticut Storrs Comparative Effectiveness Trial for Retention-Adherence-Health $99,783
2016 U54CA203000 Melissa Simon Northwestern University Reducing Tobacco Use Disparities Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Adults in Safety Net Community Centers $100,000
2016 R01CA190329 David Wetter Rice University Sexual and Gender Minority Populations and Smoking Cessation  $99,949
2016 R01AA022067 Sarit Golub Hunter College Intervention to Enhance PrEP Uptake and Adherence in a Community-Based Setting $99,461
2016 P01HD031921 Kathleen Harris UNC Chapel Hill Sexual Orientation, Socioeconomic Status, and Chronic Disease Risk  $100,000
2016 R01HD052646 Narayan Sastry University of Michigan Transitions from Preschool through High School: Family, Schools & Neighborhoods  $99,772
2016 R01DA038095 Kevin Haggerty University of Washington A Trial of “Connecting” to Prevent Drug Abuse and Risky Behaviors in Foster Teens  $99,924
2016 R01DA038499 Susan Sherman Johns Hopkins University The HIV Risk Environment of High-Risk Women: Interaction with Public Safety  $99,999
2016 R01MH104418 Erika Forbes University of Pittsburgh Development of Anhedonia in High-Risk Adolescents  $99,968
2016 R01MH069942 Daniel Klein SUNY Stony Brook Temperamental Emotionality in Preschoolers and Risk for Depression  $99,582

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