ORIP Program Overview

Mission Statement

The Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (ORIP), located within the Division of Program Coordination, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives (DPCPSI), NIH Office of the Director, provides the research infrastructure and related research programs, and coordinates NIH’s science education efforts.  The trans-NIH nature of ORIP, consistent with DPCPSI’s mission, includes coordination of research and other activities to advance medical research in all disease areas and across the basic, translational, and clinical research continuum.    

ORIP, through all of its programs, is sparking innovation and leveraging shared resources to:

  • Provide access to state-of-the art technologies and instruments that enable both basic biomedical research and clinical investigations of a multitude of health issues, from cancer to infectious diseases.
  • Develop and provide access to critical animal models, which offer essential clues to a broad range of human disorders such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS.
  • Train veterinary scientists to become valuable partners in an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to biomedical/translational research. 
  • Provide funding to expand, remodel, and renovate or alter existing research facilities or construct new research facilities.
  • Improve the public understanding of medical research and provide adults and children with information about healthy living and science career opportunities.
  • Plan, develop, and coordinate comprehensive science education programs to strengthen and enhance efforts of the NIH to attract young people to biomedical and behavioral science careers and to improve science literacy in both adults and children. 

Strategic Plan

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