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Division of Construction and Instruments

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High End Instrumentation




Allowable Instruments and Equipment by Program


Instrument or Equipment Type

Allowable under S10

Allowable as "Fixed Equipment" under C06/G20

Analytical Ultracentrifuges yes no
Biomedical Imagers (MRI, PET, CAT, ultrasound, etc.) yes no
Biosensors yes no
Calorimeters yes no
Cell Sorters yes no
Clinical Chemistry Analyzers yes no
Confocal Microscopes yes no
Cyclotrons yes no
Electron Microscopes yes no
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometers yes no
Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometers yes no
Fermentors yes no
Laboratory Animal Monitoring Systems yes no
Mass Spectrometers yes no
Miscellaneous analytical scientific instrumentation over the minimum eligibility levels for SIG/HEI yes no
Nanotechnology Equipment (microfabrication platforms, nanoimprinting machines, etc.) yes no
NMR Spectrometers yes no
Other Spectrometers yes no
Phosphorimagers yes no
Preparative Workstations (high-throughput drug screening systems, automated cell culture platforms, etc.) yes no
Protein/DNA Sequencers and Analyzers yes no
Quantitative Microscopes yes no
Radiology Equipment yes no
Robotic Platforms (automated liquid handling systems, etc.) yes no
Transgenetic Platforms (microinjection systems, micromanipulation stations, etc.) yes no
Ultrasound Image Processors yes no
X-Ray Diffractometers yes no
Computers yes not generally, but single computers can be allowable as part of a building security system, for example
Animal cages/racks - fixed or with wheels no Yes, if connected and vented through the building exhaust system
Animal Transfer Station no Yes, if connected and vented through the building exhaust system
Animal Watering System no yes
Audiovisual Displays - Fixed no yes
Autoclaves/sterilizers no yes
Backdraft Hood no yes
Back-Draft Station no yes
Bedding dispenser no yes
Bedding disposal system no yes
Biosafety Cabinets - vented or attached to building systems no yes
Bottle filler no yes
Building monitoring system no yes
Cabinetry no yes
Cage and bottle washers no yes
Central air-conditioning and ventilating systems no yes
Chemical waste disposal systems no yes
Clidox mixing station no yes
Computer Power Distribution Unit w/Panel no yes
Computer Room Racks no yes
Computer Remote Power Panel no yes
Computer Room Chilled Water Units no yes
Counters/cabinetry no yes
Dental chairs and dental treatment units no yes
Distilled water systems - centralized no yes
Down Draft Table no yes
Effluent decontamination system no yes
Emergency eyewash/showers no yes
Emergency power generators no yes
Environmental monitoring system no yes
Environmental room (cold or warm) no yes
Fire protection system no yes
Fixed casework no yes
Fold down tables/writing surfaces no yes
Formalin dispensing and disposal station no yes
Fume hood no yes
Garb-el disposal unit no yes
Gaseous piping systems no yes
Glass washers no yes
Glassware dryers no yes
Glove box connected to building exhaust systems no yes
Grossing station no yes
Heating systems no yes
Ice machines no yes
Incinerators no yes
Indoor/Outdoor animal runs no yes
Isolation cubicles no yes
Laminar Flow Station no yes
Lights no yes
Loading dock equipment (lifts, compactors) no yes
Lockers no yes
Movable partitions no yes
Necropsy Down-Draft Table no yes
Observation room no yes
Operating room lights no yes
Pass through refrigerator no yes
Peroxide Vapor Room no yes
Pit-mounted floor scale no yes
Plumbing systems no yes
Radiation Monitoring Equipment no yes
Recoil hose station no yes
Rim-table (back draft) no yes
Robotic systems for cage washers no yes
Sample Storage Systems (fixed/permanent biobanks or biorepositories) no yes
Semi-fixed enrichment elements in an animal facility such as ladders or poles no yes
Snorkel and canopy hood no yes
Tables that are fixed to the building no yes
Telecommunication equipment hardwired into the building no yes
Telemetry/building monitoring systems no yes
Tissue digesters no yes
Tunnel Washer no yes
Vacuum Pumps - Fixed no yes
Ventilated racks and cages no yes
Wall guard no yes
Wall mounted pressure washer no yes
Waste anesthesia gas disposal system no yes
Water Purification System - benchtop no yes
Dish washers no yes
Laboratory benches no yes
Refrigeration machinery and equipment no yes
Sinks/ faucets no yes
Wiring and electrical services and fixtures no yes


Contact Information

For further information, contact:

Abraham Levy, Ph.D.
Director, SIG and High End Programs
Division of Construction and Instruments
Telephone: 301-435-0777
Fax: 301-480-3659

Steve Birken, Ph.D.
Division of Construction and Instruments
Telephone: 301-435-0815
Fax: 301-480-3659

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