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Immediate Office of the Director
Name Title Phone Number
Franziska Grieder, DVM, Ph.D. Director franziska.grieder@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0744
Michael Chang, Ph.D. Deputy Director michael.chang@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0750
Chris Bohince Extramural Support Assistant christopher.bohince@nih.hhs.gov 301-451-7845
Terry Clark Staff Assistant clarkt@od.nih.gov 301-594-6082
Josephine Evans Administrative Officer evansjo@mail.nih.gov 301-594-9506
Bruce Fuchs, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator bruce.fuchs@nih.gov 301-402-5225
Patricia Newman Program Analyst pnewman@mail.nih.gov 301-435-0864
Kenneth Shaw Program Specialist kenneth.shaw@nih.hhs.gov 301-451-7074
Renee Vess (C) Operations Coordinator renee.vess@nih.gov 301-435-0959
Desiree von Kollmar Health Science Policy Analyst desiree.vonkollmar@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0045
Kelli Wise Program Specialist kelli.wise@nih.hhs.gov 301-594-5367
Division of Comparative Medicine
Name Title Phone Number
Stephanie Murphy, V.M.D., Ph.D. Director, Division of Comparative Medicine stephanie.murphy@nih.gov 301-451-7818
Miguel Contreras, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator miguel.contreras@nih.hhs.gov 301-594-9410
Sheri Hild, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator sheri.hild@nih.gov 301-594-8937
Oleg MirochnItchenko, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator oleg.mirochnitchenko@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0748
Manuel Moro, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator manuel.moro@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0960
Harold Watson, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator harold.watson@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0744
Sige Zou, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator Sige.Zou@@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0749
Division of Construction and Instruments
Name Title Phone Number
Malgorzata Klosek, Ph.D. Director, Division of Construction and Instruments malgorzata.klosek@nih.gov 301-435-2211
Alena Horska, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator alena.horska@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0815
Roya Kalantari, Ph.D. PMF STEM Health Specialist roya.kalatari@nih.hhs.gov 301-594-6140
Abraham Levy, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator abraham.levy@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0772
Willie McCullough, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator willie.mccullough@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0783
Esmail Torkashvan, P.E. General Engineer essie.torkashvan@nih.hhs.gov 301-435-0769
Office of Science Education/Science Education Partnership Awards (SEPA)​
Lawrence (Tony) Beck, Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator beckl@mail.nih.gov 301-435-0805

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