Communication Services

OAMC provides communications coordination, support, services and guidance to the DPCPSI Office of the Director and Office Communications Directors and staff. Each DPCPSI Office has a Communications Director, and we serve as a point of coordination, collaboration, and additional support as needed for each office. We provide communications services, consultation and guidance, as well as creating customized resources that target public and internal division audiences. We manage the DPCPSI Website, the DPCPSI Intranet, and the DPCPSI Spotlight newsletter.

OAMC Communication Services

  • Provide guidance to the DPCPSI Office of the Director, Communications Directors, and staff on developments in external and internal communications and engagement and their implications for the Division  
  • Serve as a planning and coordinating hub for information sharing, information exchange and distribution for Division-wide internal communications and engagement  
  • Create internal and external communications and engagement tools, resources and products in support of the DPCPSI mission that include digital media, print materials, and website and Intranet content
  • Plan and work with DPCPSI COR to secure needed contract support and work with OAMC Director and AO to secure needed budget, personnel support, and other resources as needed to support and coordinate specific Division-wide communications and engagement needs

         Examples of services include:

  • Design and update architecture of websites and intranets that incorporate industry standards of usability, and that meet Federal and other technical requirements
  • Provide Website content management including writing, editing, database management, and ensuring content is 508 compliant
  • Collaborate with Division staff to develop content for the Division newsletter, and Intranet
  • Coordinate the DPCPSI Communications Community (DCC) group, consisting of representatives from each of the division’s 14 offices
  • Coordinate activities with the Division Communications Community (DCC), a DPCPSI-wide group of communications staff
  • Develop strategic communications plans, and create guidance documents customized to DPCPSI communication needs
  • Respond to communications data calls, press inquiries, interview requests or clearance questions, and FOIA requests, and coordinate with DPCPSI office contacts

This page last reviewed on June 13, 2022